Week Beginning 29.1.18

This week in Literacy we have read a new story called Man on the Moon – A day in the life of Bob by Simon Bartram.  We have identified the features of a recount story. We then looked at keywords from the story and discussed the meaning of them, such as ‘souvenir’ and ‘jetting’ and ‘grubby’. We then sequenced Bob’s tasks on the moon in order of the story.

In Maths we have been continuing to explore our subtraction skills by using a tens frame and counters. We are using our newly learned vocabulary to explain how we find the answer.

In topic we have been using a computer to type interesting facts about astronauts into a speech bubble. We have used the webcam feature on the computer to make ourselves look like a real astronaut!


To Infinity… and Beyond!

Welcome to the Year 1 Class page. We are so excited to share with you our learning and show you our journey of Year 1.

We have been really enjoying our new topic this term.

To launch off our new topic, we discovered a mysterious crash landing in our outdoor yard. We soon discovered a pair of underpants next to it and this made us even more confused! When we went back inside, we read the story ‘Aliens in Underpants Save the World’. We have really enjoyed discovering how Aliens have a bizarre passion for underpants!


We had fun transforming our role play area into a space station.


In Literacy we have been identifying the features of story by looking at the setting, characters and problem. We put the main events of the story in order and used this to rehearse the story. We became storytellers and retold the story in our own words. We thought about words we could use to describe the characters. We also explored the characters from the story by using the ‘hot seating’ drama technique. We loved pretending to be an alien and fireman from the story!

In Maths we have been working so hard with our addition and subtraction skills. We have been using tens frames to find the answers to problems and practising jumps on a number line. We have been looking at ways of showing our thinking by using maths vocabulary to solve problems and explain these.

In art, we practised our sketching skills by exploring different patterns found on the underpants from the story. We then created our very own underpants and have proudly hung some of them on our very own washing line in class.

Take a look at some examples here:

In Science we have been learning about materials. We are able to identify and sort materials and use our knowledge of their properties to describe them. We learned new keywords such as ‘opaque’, ‘transparent’ and ‘translucent’. We were able to use our understanding of these keywords to investigate the best material for blackout space glasses.

Thank you for continuing the support with spellings, reading and homework. We have some amazing pieces of homework that children are keen to share with their friends.

Check back on this page soon for more exciting updates on our learning!